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11 Ways To Increase Your Vibrational Frequency

The words ‘vibration’ and ‘frequency’ are words normally used to describe types of technology and how they can be measured for example vibration would be our notification feedback on the phone and frequency aligns with wifi signal. It’s new for many to use these words to describe how we feel, we sometimes refer to this aspect of ourselves as “mood”. 

Increasing your vibration is very much like bettering your mood. When you connect with someone on a high frequency you can bet that you will feel good around this person. They may make the burden of life seem lighter or easier to carry. You might feel inspired by the way they speak, smile, or hold space, enabling a kind and open conversation. These individuals are usually not held down by the limitations of society or the opinions of other people. They may not even disturbed by the opinions they have of themselves. It’s difficult to say what exactly what drives these individuals to their high feeling state, but I can guarantee you it is not fear, doubt, worry, or uncertainty. 

In this passage let’s talk about 11 ways to increase your vibrational frequency resulting in a life of joy, happiness, love, success, and peace of mind. Choosing to keep your mind, body, and soul, in the consistent high vibration of love is certain to lead you into a deeper and more fulfilled lifestyle; one of love, prosperity, and clarity

1. Listening to music 

Music has the potential to access several regions of the brain linked to our feelings or our mood. Music also effects the areas of the brain linked to emotion, planning and rewards. The Enjoying of music also releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine which brings the individual a feeling of satisfaction. It is wise to note that not all music can assist in the raising of vibration as there are dark messages embedded into many songs for several different reasons. 

Even if you find it hard to enjoy music, search youtube for “homework edits” or “instrumentals” to lift the mood in your space without any lyrics. 

2. Exercising

Exercising the body helps greatly in the process of increasing your vibration. Moving your body allows for the adjustment and distribution of stagnant energy, leaving you feeling energized and loose. Also, exercising increasing your heart rate, causing fresh blood to be pumped throughout your circulatory system and into the brain. A good run or swim will cause your body to pull in more oxygen. This also helps in the process of removing toxins.

3. Soul Searching

Soul Searching is a process that one undergoes to find more of themselves within themselves and their experience on the planet. This involves exploring your psyche to learn the way you think and the way you perceive things by becoming the observer of your own mind. This process will take you into joyful, playful, and youthful states of wonder. Another aspect of soul searching is finding hidden gems around the planet, i.e. Traveling. The idea of traveling to unknown lands causes you to relearn all the important qualities and traits of yourself as you display them with people you do not even know. Being in an environment that is new to you will cause you to breakdown to learn and gain the clarity. Traveling is also a great way to find your tribe or people who resonate on the same morals. The energy you carry follows you where ever you go so think positively and attract positively 

This is a time for you to review your opinions about your experiences and to clear emotional baggage. An ongoing journey of reasoning and convincing yourself back into your power and capabilities rather than opinions of other people that were picked up and the way you look at the world while standing in your insecurity. This is clearing emotional baggage. A negative perception of these situations can result in mental and emotional fatigue or even physical disease.  

4. Prayer

The power of prayer(affirmations) can not be debated. Affirming to your source (creator) of the goodness you are grateful for is a sure way to increase your vibration. Consulting with thy infinite self assists you in building more faith in the fact that all you have ever asked for has come in one form or another. Remember to focus intently on your feeling of the prayer answered, this solidifies the idea or belief into a “knowing” or a “certainty” within your being. Causing your vibration to speak of your blessing though it has not arrived in the ‘physical form’. This causes your desires to fly towards you at a higher speed.

5. Meditation

Meditation is the quieting of the mind, a clearing of the self and an alignment to the breath. In the process of meditation the mind becomes quiet and you the observer are able to see thoughts of the your person. The sound mind is one that hears the voice of God within(intuition). We constantly desire to hear from God, we only must take time to listen, No need to be a chatterbox, God is a chatterbox to he who vibrates high. 

There are different styles and ways of meditation, from deep breathing, watching your breath, guided meditation, visual meditation and more. I would suggest starting with 5-10mins a few times a week. Focusing on your breath, Inhale from your nose, filling your lungs, allowing your diaphragm to poke out and then releasing from the mouth. Taking 5-7 seconds on each inhale and exhale. Then you begin to watch the breath, more on meditation in another article.

6. Socializing

Interacting with other kind hearted people is a great way to increase your vibration. Share your voice, see how people are doing, and find ways to be of good service. In the same hand, take an inventory of the people you hand out with and audit their positive impact in your life. Are your peers judgemental, selfish, and often greedy? Or do you have individuals around you that resonate peace, expansion, love, and growth? This is why the audit is very important. Surround yourself with people who empower you. It is of no help in increasing your vibration to spend your time with individuals who are not increasing their own or asking how to. For some time you may be able to warm them up but they have to keep the fire going. You can share this article with them, but they will have to read it themselves and apply the techniques on their own. Similarly to the saying, “you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink”. 

7. Compassion

Being compassionate is a great way to take your energy up towards the hills. When you assist or give to someone less fortunate than you, you give yourself the chance to experience the joy in giving which is high on the vibrational scale. This is why socializing is great as we continue to take account of who we spend out energy with. Sometimes being compassionate with others causes you to take on a bit of their energy, always remember how blessed you are to help someone else less fortunate than yourself.

8. Television

Abstaining from television or changing the type of media you intake is very critical to sustain your high vibration. Refrain from watching too much television, especially shows of low vibration; reality shows, programs that encourage imbalance and discord with one another are not meant for our growth and healthy development. These constant streams of negativity are brought directly into your home. These programs leech on your energy field like a vampire that attaches onto your emotions. Many media networks are  skilled at targeting your emotions; programming your mind into any and every agenda that limits man in his pursuits. A better way to enjoy media is to be precognisant of what you are preparing to ingest. Know about the effects of the images you expose yourself to and slowly adjust. Ted Talks, Positive Youtube Videos, speeches, Movies, All have positive experiences for us, no need for cable television streaming in the bedroom. We have our friends at displaying amazing music featuring people like Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Greene, Joe Dispenza, and many many more. You can learn and enjoy amazing beats while still learning with Tedx Genius.

9. Purification

Purifying your body of toxins will give your system the space to rejuvenate and heal. As you cleanse your inside both internally with food and mentally, you will notice that it is easier to clean up things on the outside with people. As above, so below. Also ensure the foods you put in are of high vibration. Consider having more vegetables, salads, and smoothies packed with superfoods and nutrients you may be deficient in. Check out @tastedvegan for more information on plant based food.

10. Forgiveness

The art of forgiveness seems to be about rectifying situations with other people but many times we also need to forgive ourselves for what has occurred in life. it is extremely important to realize that forgiveness also helps you live light heartedly, not weighed down by emotion or old experiences. Many of the holy books emphasize on this action of forgiveness all communicating a divine understanding. It is just to forgive all family members and any who have harmed you. Staying in a state of unforgiveness robs the body of radiant health and peace of mind. Forgiveness is one of the lessons that is difficult for humanity to overcome for good reason. 

11. Spending time in Nature

When you find yourself in the heart of nature you are able to release and feel at peace. If you can go outside barefoot on the soil for a few minutes its an absolute way to ground yourself and your internal energy. it’s warm where you are its the best on a warm day. Listening to the birds and the brushing of the trees calms the mind from disturbed or distracted thought. The modern world is full of the sounds of cars and airplanes which can become stressful at times

Pick from these 10 steps and see which ones you can incorporate today. Before you know it you will be vibing high! Comment below if you enjoyed this reading and don’t forget to share it on facebook & twitter if it really touched you!

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