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Spiritual Skittles

Welcome to Spiritual Skittles! We are still figuring out how we got here from just an instagram blo We have discovered the boundless love and growth from enlightenment and we decided to share it with the world. We do this in a few different ways so far, ultimately we are going on a journey of true self expression and true self acceptance. Without this… how will we become individuals of a collective consciousness of confidence? Just like the mindful reader reading this, we once saw ourselves and the people around us at a higher vibration from the minds eye. Even though we did not get exactly what we expected…


We have learned that all that things first start in the mind and we begin to utilize action to create what we desire… Manifestation We strive to share one skittle that can sweeten someones soul all day.


We created this platform to share what is good, sweet, bitter, and natural. We hope our content inspires you to give the skittle that someone needs. Thank you for reading.