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Understanding the Law Of Attraction (Vibration)

Understanding the Law Of Attraction (Vibration)

The Law of Attraction Is based on one of the seven universal laws; The Law of Vibration

The law of vibration allows us to understand that “Nothing rests, Everything moves, everything vibrates”. To understand this consider that flowing water moves much faster than ice, yet its the same substance, just at two different frequencies in vibration. Lastly, observe that boiling water is moving faster than room temperature flowing water. The heat (energy) causes the water to turn into a gas state which is much faster than all previous stages. The lower/slower vibrations tend to be more solid when it comes to the different of objects in life. 

In the case of people like you and I, the lower vibrations are observed by different avenues, for example; the way someone references themselves, what they choose to say about situations like complain or attempts to find solutions, how they feel internally, or maybe depression, are a few things to consider when it comes to being in a low vibration. Lets continue with the law….

The Law of Attraction reflects that “like energy attracts like energy”. With this understood we know why we have amounted to everything we know, and have to date. The results you have in life are accredited to your “subconscious programing” and your “belief systems”. Why you might ask?

The two intricacies of the mind just mentioned are the building blocks by which you create your thoughts. The law of attraction works with your thoughts, the metaphysical nature of this world operates in this way. The Holy Bible also reflects this knowledge in Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

The Heart is the electromagnetic generator in each human being, it is the house for the emotional body which is tied to the subconscious mind. So, if you have deep experiences with poverty thought, it is because your mental software is running the program. The program is built by the people around you and the experiences you have and how you receive them. More on the subconscious…

“For every outer effect there is an inner cause”

With this understood you have a short idea of why you think the way you do. Now lets complete this conversation by understanding that the law of attraction operates on thought. So yes you can think yourself into a break-up. The thought (energy) will be slightly picked up by your partner who will also generate a similar thought. As time goes on the law of attraction is preparing for you what you are asking for. 

Everything we experience through our five physical sense are composed of vibrations 

Your thoughts are vibrations. All of your emotions are vibrations also, “unconditional love” is the highest of the emotional vibrations and hate is a densest.

Example Of Emotional Vibration From Law Of Attraction Planner

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In a nutshell, whatever you emit you will get back returned to you. So the idea/goal is to align yourself with the thoughts, ideas, and people, that reflect how you wish to see your best self. You can do this by

  • Watching Positive and Educational Videos on Youtube
  • Finding Other Youtube Channels That Inspire You Positively, For Example How To Videos, Expand Your Abilities
  • Read Books That contain information To Create A Better Life In Any Area
  • Listen To, Speak, And Write I AM Affirmations
  • Consume Foods That Are Of High Vibration
  • Avoid Low Vibrational People, Places, And Ideas (Food)
  • More To List Shortly…

Lastly, remember the universe is responding to you. Get your self in the right frame of mind and the universe by default will be working for you… just as soon as you are.

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Full of great reminders, you will be filled to open this everyday because of how positive it is.